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Contact key decision-makers over some of the issues that we raise, or get involved with some campaigns that are working to make a difference.

Robert Zoellick
President of the World Bank
1818 H Street, NW
Washington DC 20433, USA

Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
700 19th Street, NW
Washington DC 20431, USA

Pascal Lamy
World Trade Organisation Director
Rue de Lausanne
1221 Geneva 21

In the UK:
Clare Short MP (World Bank Issues)
Gordon Brown MP (IMF issues)
Stephen Byers MP (WTO issues)
House of Commons
Westminster, London

In the US:
Timothy Geithner
Secretary of the Treasury (World Bank and IMF issues)
The Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20220, USA

World Trade Organization
Peter Allgeier
United States Trade Representative (WTO issues)
600 17th Street NW Washington DC 20508, USA


Alliance for Democracy (781) 894-1179

Campaign for Labor Rights (202) 544-9355

the Center for Global Development

CEE Bankwatch Network

the Development Gap

Essential Action (202) 387-8030

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (800) 847-3993

Global Exchange, (800) 497-1994

Independent Media Center (888) 686-9252

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (612) 870-0453

Institute for Policy Studies (202) 234-9382

International Forum on Globalization (415) 229-9350

Jobs with Justice (202) 434-1106

Jubilee South Africa

JustAct (415) 431-4204

Make Trade Fair


Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (800) 316-2739

Public Citizens Global Trade Watch/Citizens Trade Campaign (202) 546-4996

Student Alliance to Reform Corporations

Third World Network, (Malaysia)

Tobin Tax Initiative (707) 822-8347

TransFair USA (510) 663-5260

Transnational Research and Action Center (415) 561-6568

United Students Against Sweatshops


Women's EDGE: Economic Development and Global Equality (202) 884-8396

World Bank Bond Boycott Campaign, (202) 299-0020

World Development Movement

World Development Movement UK

IFIwatchnet connects organisations worldwide which are monitoring international financial institutions (IFIs) such as the World Bank, the IMF, and regional development banks.

Global Exchange Campaigns - Brazil
Send a protest fax to the World Bank over its plans to provide $1 billion to create a "land bank" in Brazil that while claiming to support land reform, actually subverts it.

CorpWatch - Holding Corporations Accountable
Send an online fax to R Rubin, Chairman of Citigroup, Inc., to tell him to stop dealing in World Bank Bonds. See also for info on Citigroup.

Boycott World Bank Bonds Petition
Sign on to an open letter to the World Bank asking it to end its continued support for devastating policies of structural adjustment in developing countries.

Boycott World Bank Bonds or call +1 202 2990020
Aim for the Bank's Achilles' heel and boycott World Bank Bonds, (sold to investors in private capital markets and often held by public institutions such as churches, unions, universities, and local governments) which are the source of 80 per cent of Bank funds.

Survival Internatiional or call +44 (0) 2072421441
Write to the President of Brazil and the World Bank to ask them to abide by their obligations to demarcate all Indian territories falling within the sphere of a Bank project to mine iron ore deposits in teh Carajas mountains. Failure to do so has led to a massive influx of loggers and settlers who are exploiting natural resources and have attacked and killed members of the Awa - one of the last hunter-gatherer peoples of Brazil.

Project Underground or fax +1 510 7058983
Write to Peter Woike, Executive Vice President and chief decision-maker of the World Bank's IFC to urge him to stop investing in Newmont's Yanacocha mine in Peru that has polluted water supplies, eroded soil, and robbed local people of their land and heritage.

Jubilee USA Network
Continuing the work of the Jubilee 2000 movement for definitive debt cancellation for impoverished nations. They are the lead organization working on debt in the United States.

Friends of the Earth
Find out about key strategies on how to campaign to change the IMF in 'Arming NGOs with Knowledge: A Guide to the International Monetary Fund'.

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